logoRemanufacturing Technologies Corporation (RTC), is a Las Vegas-based provider of specialty coatings and products for the imaging supplies industry.
Founded in 2007, Remanufacturing Technologies has established itself as an industry leader in providing quality products, while Lester Cornelius, previously of Optical Technologies, Inc. was hired as its Chief Operating Officer/ Technical Director.

RTC's initial products include:
Liquid SureLube is the industry’s preferred choice for a wiper blade lubricant.  It is a fast-drying, patented coating. When applied to a new or used blade, Liquid SureLube reduces drum wear and virtually eliminates blade flipping. 

Chargelink adhesive-backed doctor blade film gives toner cartridges image density that is typically equal to or better than new mag rollers or recoated mag rollers at a greatly reduced price. 

Lightning Grease is an electrically-conductive grease that has proven to be effective in eliminating chatter in prints.

RTC is committed to advancing the technology in the toner cartridge remanufacturing industry while easing the burden on remanufacturers. The Las Vegas based company sells and licenses special formulations and product designs to Fortune 500 companies.


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