RTC is committed to advancing technology in the remanufacturing industries, especially the toner cartridge remanufacturing industry.

SureLubeLiquid Surelube 2SA is the industry’s preferred choice for a wiper blade lubricant.  It is a fast-drying, patented coating. When applied to a new or used blade, Liquid SureLube reduces drum wear and virtually eliminates blade flipping.  When applied to a used wiper blade, Liquid SureLube reduces OPC wear to an average of 2.5 microns per 10,000 pages, which is as much as five times less wear than a new blade causes.

To download PDF instructions for Liquid SureLube, click here.

fpoChargelink adhesive-backed doctor blade film gives toner cartridges image density that is measurably higher than the OEMs’.  Chargelink does not affect the image density of text, so the yield is unchanged.  However, it increases the image density in graphics, because it improves the fill.  And applying Chargelink takes less time than typing your name. 

fpoLightning Grease has proven to be effective in eliminating chatter in cartridges, unlike other greases that are thermally conductive, instead of electrically-conductive.  Thermally-conductive grease is an insulating material and will interfere with charging.  Lightning Grease is always electrically conductive which enhances charging in cartridges.

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